The SeriousPanicButton provides critical functions that help you in a real life emergency, all within this app.

1) Constantly tracks your geolocation to the accuracy of 14 decimal places

2) Sends a SMS (text message) to your unlimited number of preselected contacts with a link to your GPS coordinates

3) Displays your GPS coordinates for your contacts in the form of an actual address or location on the map

4) Features a Full Alert Mode that prevents your screen from going to sleep, keeping the button up and running

5) Sounds a loud siren to draw attention and signal help

6) Calls the first person in your list of Contacts at the touch of a button so you don't have to manually switch apps and fumble with the keypad. It’s easy to change the order of your Contacts. You just touch the Edit button in the upper right section of the Contacts screen. Then touch and hold down the 3 tiny horizonal bars on the right side of any record and drag it up to the first position. The second screen shot shows the Tooth Fairy in the process of being dragged up. You can’t see my finger doing the dragging, but take my word for it, it’s there.  When finished, click the Done button.

In case you’re wondering, the “Add” button and the “New Contact” button take you to the same place.

The SeriousPanicButton comes with a Cancel Button for false alarms. The Test Button enables you to perform test runs with your contacts.

The SeriousPanicButton not only prepares you for the dangerous streets, it's also perfect for home use such as medical emergencies. The app also works on the iPad and iPod Touch that have iMessage with Wi-Fi, as long as the contacts also have iMessage.

Everyone in your family with an iPhone should have this app, especially young children. If they are old enough to have an iPhone, this is the first app you should install for them.

Arm yourself with the SeriousPanicButton. It contains useful tips to become more street smart.  We want you to be safe and we are SERIOUS.

This app was designed and programmed by developers who daily travel the mean streets of New  York City. Their personal experiences of being attacked with deadly weapons are the main reasons for developing it. Read  and follow the safety tips, and always have this app with you.


The screenshot on the right is an example of what the the persons you add to your Contacts will see when they receive your Help text message on their smartphones and click on the link (which contains your GPS coordinates).

Test this app frequently so you and your loved ones know its capabilities and know what to do. The address that appears in the message that gets displayed is the one nearest to the GPS coordinates where you were when you pressed the red button. It does not mean that it is the exact address where you are (or were) located.